Proceedings Submission

All Posters and Orals are required to upload a Conference Proceedings File

The conference proceedings represents a permanent record of what is presented at the meeting. The short submitted abstracts are automatically included. Authors then provide an extended abstract (PDF) to represent their presentation.

For posters, authors may use the same Poster PDF provided for the conference OR they may opt to make modifications to the PDF they submit for the conference proceedings. 

For orals, authors are encouraged to save their slides as PDF for upload to the proceedings. Again, it is fine to make modifications to the slides for the proceedings upload.

Please note that the upload you make for the Conference Proceedings is separate from the uploads you will make for the online conference (ASMS 2020 Reboot) content. For instructions on upload of content for the Reboot (poster PDF, oral MP4 recording, or optional poster MP4), please go to the Presenter Guidelines.

How to Upload Your PDF if you are Submitting Author

Follow these simple steps to upload your PDF for the conference proceedings. If you cannot figure this out or you are the presenting author, PLEASE just email your file to info[at]asms[dot]org.

  1. Go to Abstract site (you will be prompted to login to ASMS, if you are not already signed in). If the hyperlink does not function, please go to in a new tab on your browser.

  2. Select the click 'View my Drafts and Submissions' for the ASMS 2019 Atlanta conference.

  3. Click the blue upload icon for each submitted/accepted abstract and proceed to upload your PDF.
  4. If you are submitting author for more than one abstract, select the 'Home' tab after your first upload and repeat steps 2-3.

Need additional help? View this how-to document with screenshots of the process.

Can you edit your proceedings submission (replace your PDF)? Yes, as long as this is done by June 14. To replace your already uploaded PDF. Return to abstract site and click your abstract title. A window will appear allowing you to delete a submission and update.

Note to Speakers: ASMS will substitute a PDF of the slides from a speakers talk if the speaker fails to submit to the Proceedings in one of the formats above.

More About the Conference Proceedings

The ASMS Conference Proceedings is a valuable record of the oral and poster presentations at the meeting. Authors are strongly required to submit their contributions to the Proceedings. Posters and slides from oral presentations may be submitted in their entirety. Alternatively, a summary of the presentation including representative figures (an "extended abstract") may be prepared.

PDF format is required. Refer to the following resources for preparation of your submission:
  1. Guidelines for Preparation of "extended abstract"
  2. Guidance for Generation of PDF (for Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft products).

Remember to Use Standard Fonts. Conversion problems have been known to occur with the use of non-standard fonts. In order to minimize the chance that your submission will contain unreadable/mis-converted text, it is recommended that only standard Windows/Mac fonts be used. (Refer to for additional information about fonts.)

A wide variety of alternative software is available for generation of PDF files that should be satisfactory as long as standard fonts are used in the source document.

Besides Adobe Acrobat there are a number of PDF conversion programs available. One free program is PDF distiller available for download at:

Note to Speakers. ASMS will substitute a PDF of the slides from a speakers talk if the speaker fails to submit to the Proceedings in one of the formats above.