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Publishing Partnership: JASMS and ACS Publications

The Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (JASMS) transitioned to a new publisher, ACS Publications, on January 1, 2020. Under the partnership, JASMS authors and readers will benefit from ACS Publications’ state-of-the-art digital publishing capabilities. As an ACS Publications partner journal, JASMS retains full editorial independence under the governance and oversight of ASMS. ACS Publications will provide its full range of industry-leading publishing and operational expertise, well known to researchers worldwide. The journal will also benefit from ACS’ range of flexible open access publishing options. 

JASMS publishes research spanning all aspects of mass spectrometry, including basic and applied areas of scientific inquiry in which mass spectrometry plays a role. The journal’s distinguished editorial team is led by Editor-in-Chief Vicki Wysocki (The Ohio State University) and supported by an exceptional group of Associate Editors and Editorial Advisory Board members whose range of expertise reflects the breadth of this vibrant field. 

JASMS authors and readers will benefit from ACS Publications’ industry-leading digital platform, editorial expertise, and services geared towards enhancing the author and reader experience. Learn more about author and reader benefits.

JASMS is fully digital (online-only) since the transition to new publisher, ACS Publications.

A primary benefit of ASMS membership is access to JASMS. ASMS membership is based on the calendar year Jan 1 - Dec 31, and the renewal period begins each year on November 2. A full list of ASMS member benefits and details on how to join or renew can be found here.

Beginning in January 2020, ASMS Members have access to current issues and journal backfiles through the journal homepage on the ACS platform using ASMS member login credentials. A member can also access the journal directly from the ASMS website by logging in and using the provided links. Learn how on the JASMS Online page.

There is no obligation for ASMS members to also become ACS Members to access JASMS and its backfiles as these will always be available to ASMS members.

ACS members who are not ASMS members have access to JASMS through their 50 article downloads or through their institutional subscription. If you are a member of both ASMS and ACS, using your ASMS login credentials will guarantee full access to JASMS content without debiting from your 50 article downloads.

Both ASMS and ACS members are eligible to receive a $500 open access discount when publishing in JASMS. Please contact to apply the discount or if you have any questions on how to take advantage of this benefit.

More About JASMS

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (JASMS) is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of mass spectrometry, including fields of scientific inquiry in which mass spectrometry can play a role.

JASMS was launched in 1990 as a bi-monthly publication with Michael L. Gross as Editor in Chief.  In 1993, the publication frequency was increased to monthly.   

Comprehensive in scope, the journal publishes papers on both fundamentals and applications of mass spectrometry. Fundamental subjects include instrumentation principles, design, and demonstration, structures and chemical properties of gas-phase ions, studies of thermodynamic properties, ion spectroscopy, chemical kinetics, mechanisms of ionization, theories of ion fragmentation, cluster ions, and potential energy surfaces.

Papers that report on an application should have as a principal focus the use of mass spectrometry to solve a qualitative or quantitative problem. Application subjects include, but are not limited to, structural elucidation, biopolymer sequencing, development or validation of new methodology, proteomics and other 'omics related research, and environmental and forensic measurements. Papers describing computer applications will be considered.

In addition to full papers, the journal offers Communications, Application Notes, and Accounts and Perspectives. 

ASMS members receive subscription and access to JASMS as a benefit of membership.