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Mock Interviews for Students & Postdocs

The Basics  |  How The Program Works

This is a chance for students and postdocs to do an informal interview with an established ASMS member (interviewer) before the annual conference in June.

  • Interviewers will be matched with up to four students and postdocs during a two-hour period in mid- to late March.
  • Each student or postdoc will be scheduled to a 30-minute slot for a 1:1 meeting with the ASMS interviewer.
ASMS Mock Interview

Extending the Student/Postdoc Application to March 3

Student and Postdoc Application


Eligibility Requirements for Students and Postdocs Participants

  • Student or Postdoc is an ASMS member.
  • Student or Postdoc will graduate from their Master's, Ph.D. or Postdoc program by December 2023.
  • Complete online application, see below (includes upload of CV).