ASMS members have access to the International Journal of Mass Spectrometry via Elsevier's ScienceDirect portal. Please note the following information regarding access.

  • For IJMS access as an ASMS member benefit, you must activate a ScienceDirect account with Elsevier.
  • Once you have an active ScienceDirect account you may use the special links posted at the bottom of this page to access IJMS.

Update from ASMS Office, April 23, 2021
ASMS annually provides basic information to Elsevier in order to facilitate the functioning of valid ScienceDirect account activation for ASMS members to access IJMS for free. This information includes ASMS id number, name, email address, and ASMS membership expiration date. This data allows for the Elsevier system to validate ASMS members for the free Elsevier IJMS/ScienceDirect access. 

Today, Elsevier mistakenly triggered an email send to ASMS members with access instructions. Unfortunately the email sent by Elsevier contained muliple errors:

  • Elsevier mistakenly referred to IJMS as the Internation Journal of ASMS instead of the correct publication title International Journal of Mass Spectrometry.
  • Further, the email from Elsevier should not have been sent as the detailed instructions for access are posted to this page.

We apologize for any confusion or alarm the email sent by Elsevier today, April 23, 2021, may have caused.

How do you find your ASMS ID number to use in ScienceDirect activation?

Login to this website and click 'My Account'. Your member ID number will be displayed in your summary (right side). Note that as of June 2017 new member ID's were assigned to existing ASMS members.) See screenshot below. Note that ASMS ID numbers range in length from 2-6 digits. The sample shown below is to indicate where to find your ID number.
Find your ASMS ID  

How to activate ScienceDirect Account using your ASMS ID number?

BRAND-NEW (you have not before activated with ScienceDirect as part of ASMS member benefit): Go to this ScienceDirect site:

EXISTING (you activated ScienceDirect account anytime since November 2017), go here:

Links to International Journal of Mass Spectrometry via ScienceDirect

Use these links to access content once you have activated ScienceDirect with your new ASMS ID number. Each of the links below will require that you sign-in with your ScienceDirect credentials.