Student Awards

The ASMS Graduate Student Awards recognize graduate students whose academic achievements and current mass spectrometry research display a high level of excellence and distinction. Up to twenty awards for up to $1,000 each will be conferred annually. The Award is intended to support ASMS conference travel. Conference attendance is required.  Only one applicant per research group may apply. In selected cases, awards may be used for travel to attend a non-ASMS conference to present mass spectrometry research in a topic area not covered at the ASMS conference. See online application for details.

The awards for the ASMS Conference will be presented at the conference. Each award includes $1,000, free conference registration, and a matted certificate. Download full 2024 ASMS Awards Announcement  

2024 Graduate Student Award Recipients

Duong Bui
University of Alberta

Nikolas Burton

Emily Chapman
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

Jessie Chappel
North Carolina State University

Casey Chen
Univ of California, Berkeley

Julia Danischewski
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Kai-Hung Huang
Purdue University

Anastasiia Kostenko
University of Denver

Mohsen Latif

Dongyang Liu
Peking University

Jade Macdonald
Medical Univ of South Carolina

Jessica Molina Franky
City of Hope

Ralph John Emerson Molino
University of Illinois Chicago

Denys Oliinyk
University Klinikum Jena

Abzer Kelminal Pakkir Mohamed Shah
University of Tuebingen

Allison Reardon
Vanderbilt University

Catelynn Shafer
University of California, Davis

Bowen Shen
University of Maryland, College Park

Isabella Whitworth
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

Bingsen Zhang
Cornell University

2024 Undergraduate Student Award Recipients

The ASMS Undergraduate Student Awards recognize undergraduate students whose academic achievements and interest in mass spectrometry research display a high level of excellence and distinction.  Up to ten awards of $500 each will be conferred annually. The Award is intended to support ASMS conference travel. Conference attendance is required. Only one applicant per research group may apply.

The awards will be presented at the conference. Each award includes $500, free conference registration and a matted certificate. Download full 2024 ASMS Awards Announcement  

Michael Hayes
Saint Mary’s College of California

Margaret Hoare
University of Rochester

Walker Hodges
Clemson University

Katherine Lee
University of California, Berkeley

Brad Li
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mathula Muhundan
University of Toronto

Elliot Patrenets
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Nikhiya Shamsher
Stanford University

Alexander Smiarowski
University of North Georgia

Peyton Windham
Furman University

Undergraduate Poster Awards ($300)

To promote and recognize research using mass spectrometry among undergraduate students attending the ASMS annual conference a poster competition is organized annually during the opening reception of the conference. 

Poster award winners receive a certificate and a check for $300. To participate in the competition, indicate that they are an undergraduate student in the Questions section of abstract submission. The office will contact all poster presenters that have indicated they are an undergraduate in mid-April with an invitation to participate in the competition (RSVP will be required).

Graduate Student Awards: Eligibility & Required Elements and Application Link

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Undergraduate Student Awards: Eligibility & Required Elements and Application Link

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Past Recipients - All Student Awards

Graduate Student Awards

2023: Elizabeth Bayne (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Danielle Caefer (University of Connecticut), Hsin-Hsiang Chung (National Taiwan University), Steven DeFiglia (University of Michigan), Sarah Dowling (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis), Kimberly Fabijanczuk (Purdue University), Ashley Frankenfield (George Washington University), Viraj Gandhi (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis), Yanting Guo (University of Oklahoma), Amanda Khoo (University of Toronto), David Koomen (Vanderbilt University), Nicolas Morato (Purdue University), Leena Pade (University of Maryland-College Park), Austin Salome (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Xue Sun (Peking University), Madison Turner (University of Guelph), Benqian Wei (University of California, Los Angeles), David Williamson (University of Utah), Tingyuan Yang (Texas A&M University), Kejun Yin (Georgia Institute of Technology)

2022: Hongxia Bai (North Carolina State University), Alexandria Battison, (University of Connecticut), Hsi-Chun Chao (Purdue University), Janine Fu (University of California, Los Angeles), Michael Gilbert (University of Pennsylvania), Jian Guo (University of British Columbia), Hang Hu (Purdue University), Jacob Jordan (University of California, Berkeley), Kaylie Kirkwood (North Carolina State University), Zachary Kirsch (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Gordon Luu (University of California, Santa Cruz), Jake Melby (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Hannah Miles (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Alice Passoni (Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS), Amber Rolland (University of Oregon), Jonathan Specker (University of Florida), Diana Velosa (Florida Institute of Technology), Shunyang Wang (University of California, Davis), Tian Xu (Michigan State University), Dong Zhang (Texas Tech University)

2021: Linda Berg Luecke (Medical College of Wisconsin), Valentine Courouble (Scripps Reseach), Roshan Javanshad (Western Michigan University), Benjamin Jones (The Ohio State University), Carter Lantz (University of California Los Angeles), Yangjie Li (Purdue University), Yiran Liang (Brigham Young University), Laura Muehlbauer (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Thao Nguyen Princeton (Princeton University), Melanie Odenkirk (North Carolina State University), Crystal Pace (North Carolina State University), Deanna Plubell (University of Washington), Deseree Reid (University of Arizona), David Roberts (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Patric Sadecki (UNC - Chapel Hill), Ian Smith (University of Washington), Dylan Tabang (University of Wisconsin), Shuli Tang (Texas A&M University), Daisy Unsihuay (Purdue University), Tim Van Den Bossche (Ghent University)

2020: Kyle Brown (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Laura Castellanos-Garcia (University of Massachusetts-Amherst), Edwin Escobar (University of Texas-Austin), Kyana Garza (University of Texas-Austin), Elaura Gustafson (Brigham Young University), Conner Harper (University of California-Berkeley), Christian Ieritano (University of Waterloo), Yekaterina Kori (University of Pennsylvania), Remi Lawal (Louisiana State University), Miyang Li (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Allyson Mellinger (North Carolina State Univ.), Tessa Moyer (Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), Melissa Pergande (University of Illinois at Chicago), Baiyi Quan (Duke University), Jordan Rabus (Ohio University), Bailey Rose (Vanderbilt University), Joshua Salem (University of Michigan), Xiaojing Shen (Michigan State University), Pei Su (Purdue University), Mengru Zhang (Washington University in St Louis)

2019: Molly Blevins (University of Texas at Austin), Wanying Cao (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Ming Cheng (Washington University in St.Louis), Sean Cleary (University of Oregon), Mariel Coradin (University of Pennsylvania), Kellen DeLaney (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Kristen Fowble (University at Albany-SUNY), Naren Gajenthra Kumar (Virginia Commonwealth University), Praveen Kumar (University of Minnesota), Ting-Hao Kuo (National Taiwan University), Chenxi Liu (University of Arizona), Elijah McCool (Michigan State University), Sibylle Pfammatter (IRIC-Université de Montréal), Jaqueline A. Picache (Vanderbilt University), Erika Portero (University of Maryland, College Park), Marta Sans Escofet (University of Texas at Austin), Leah Schaffer (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Savannah Snyder (The University of Akron), Yang Tang (Boston University), Trisha Tucholski (University of Wisconsin – Madison), and Jacob Wozniak (University of California, San Diego)

2018: Rodell Barrientos (University of North Carolina-Greensboro), Isabell Blaudau (ETH Zurich), Wenxuan Cai (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Maria Emilia Duenas (Iowa State University), Lidong He (Florida State University), Camille Lombard-Banek (University of Maryland), Damon May (University of Washington), Logan Plath (Carnegie Mellon University), Mei Sun (University of Oklahoma), and Kenneth Swanson (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

2017: Melissa Budelier (Washington University), Bifan Chen (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Bingming Chen (University of Wisconsin-Madison), James Dodds (Vanderbilt University), Paul Hutchins (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Rosemary Onjiko (George Washington University), Elizabeth Peuchen (University of Notre Dame), Lindsay Pino (University of Washington), Matthew Waas (Medical College of Wisconsin), and Emily Werth (Univeristy of North Carolina)

2016: Zachery Gregorich (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Nathan Hendricks (University of California, Riverside), Stephen Sciuto (The University of Toronto), Johanna Hofman (Max Planck Society), Xibei Dang (Florida State University), Candice Ulmer (University of Florida), Brent Kuenzi (University of South Florida), Yejing Weng (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Anumita Saha-Shah (Indiana University), Ramsunder Iyer (University of Tennessee)

 2015: Benjamin Diner (Princeton University), Albert Konijnenberg (University of Antwerp), Xin Liu (University of Notre Dame), Mandy Phelps (University of North Texas), Nicholas Riley (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Vincent Sica (University of North Carolina-Greensboro), Chih-Chiang Tsou (University of Michigan)

Undergraduate Student Awards

2023: Megan Bindra (Saint Mary’s College of California), Emily Boyette (South Florida State College), Olivia Dioli (North Carolina State University), Celine Ertekin (University of California, Santa Cruz), Dinuri Fernando (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Yu Tin Lin (University of Florida), Lawren Paris (University of Oregon), Aliyah Remoroza (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Philenroza Thavrin (Oregon State University), Oliver Wu (University of Oklahoma)

2022: Mustafa Ahmed (George Washington University), Nickolas Fisher (University of Texas, Austin), Keely Fuller (Stanford University), Peter McPike (University of Akron), Hsu-Ching Yen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

2021: Nancy Abdelrahman (North Carolina State University), Ashish Chakraborty (University of Texas), Wenya Jian (University of North Carolina), Tsach Mackey (Georgetown University), Rajendra Panth (Western Michigan University), Alicia Plourde (University of Guelph), Qiuwen Quan (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Caroline Roycroft (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Anna Rullan Buxo (Yale University), Leighann Weber (James Madison University)

2020: Kristie Baker (Florida Institute of Technology), Rebecca Cain (Indiana-Purdue Indianapolis), Eloisa Franco (Kean University), Jaybree Lopez (University of California-Los Angeles), Nolan McLaughlin (University of Scranton), Marco Melgar (University of Florida), Matthew Portis (University of Florida), Tiffany Thein (Stanford University), Frank Yenchick (Wayne State University)

2019: Shelby Beasley (University of Oklahoma), Alisha Birk (Stanford University), Cameron Davis (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory), Richard Dilworth (University of Florida), Anna Iacovino (Duquesne University), Kaylie Kirkwood (North Carolina State University), Abigail Lemmon (University of Pennsylvania), Javier Moreno (Florida International University), Amanda Wong (Saint Mary's College of California), and Emily Ziperman (Baylor University)

2018: Amanda Bubas (Duquesne University), Devon Colby (University of Oklahoma), Liam Dugan (Allegheny College), Christopher Gongar (University of Florida), Connor Graca (Duquesne University), Petra Paizs (Imperial College London), Sanjit (Sunny) Uppal (University of Washington), Nakit Vanishetty (Rice University), Jada Walker (Saint Mary’s College of California), and Anne Worth (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

2017: Giovanni Calderisi (University of Innsbruck), Jack Clemmensen (Saint Mary's College of California), Jason Cochran (University of Florida), Mirna Giron (Kean University), Christopher Gongar (University of Florida), Shilpa Kolachina (University of Illinois at Chicago), and John Lin (University of Texas at Austin)

2016: Willem Duckworth (Clarkson University), Carlo Eikani (Saint Mary's College of California), Matthew Kazaleh (University of Florida), Yekaterina Kori (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Rachel Martini (University of Michigan), Evan Perez (Duquesne University)

2015: Quintin Ferraris (Kean University), Joshua Fischer (Wayne State University), James Keating (University of Michigan), James Matilla (James Madison University), Danielle McDougall (University of Florida), Haley Miller (Bowdoin College), Sydney Morris (George Washington University), Alexandra Plaviak (Duquesne University), Cheylene Tanimoto (Stanford University), Nick van Huizen (Erasmus MC)

Undergraduate Student Poster

2021: Nancy Abdelrahman (North Carolina State University), Makalya Baxter (Idaho National Laboratory), Ashish Chakraborty (University of Texas). Cameron Shedlock (University of Scranton)

2020: Cameron Lloyd-Jones (Northwestern University), Meg McCutcheon (Baylor University), Nolan McLaughlin (University of Scranton), Tiffany Thein (Stanford University), Alicia Plourde (University of Guelph), Qiuwen Quan (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Caroline Roycroft (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Anna Rullan Buxo (Yale University), Leighann Weber (James Madison University)

2019: Joshua Ho (University of Pacific), Virginia James (College of Charleston), and Shubhneet Warer (Baylor University),