Biemann Medal


The Biemann Medal is awarded to an individual early in his or her career in recognition of significant achievement in basic or applied mass spectrometry. The Biemann Medal was established by contributions from students, postdoctoral associates and friends to honor Professor Klaus Biemann. The medal is conferred at the ASMS Annual Conference with the presentation of a $5,000 cash award, the Biemann Medal, and the award lecture.

Nominations are due November 30. To submit a nomination use the online nomination form link posted below.

Eligibility & How To Submit a Nomination

Effective for the 2024 award cycle (nomination deadline Nov 30, 2023)
Nominee must be a current ASMS member and within the first 15 years of receiving the Ph.D. at the time the nomination is received. Nominations will be active for as long as the nominee is eligible, or for a maximum of 3 years (whichever is less). Consistent with the award’s goal of recognizing a recipient early in his or her career, no exceptions to the 15-year post-Ph.D. eligibility requirement will be considered. For example, eligible nominees for the November 30, 2023 nomination should have received their 2008 or later.

How to Submit a Nomination Using the Online Nomination Form
Prepare the following information and elements:

  • Nominee name, affiliation, position title, email, year in which Ph.D. was received, and ASMS member status.
  • Nominator name and email.
  • Short description of the nominee's significant achievement in basic or applied mass spectrometry (1-page max). To be uploaded as PDF.
  • List of the nominee’s publications pertaining to the significant achievement. To be uploaded as a PDF.
  • Upload copy of up to two (2) of the nominee’s publications relevant to the achievement (one is required). 
  • Two support letters. Provide names and email addresses for both letter writers. Upload the letters of support OR request letter writers to send letters directly to by November 30. It is the responsibility of the nominator to insure that suppport letters are received by on or by the November 30 deadline.

NOVEMBER 30 DEADLINE for complete nomination (online form with support letters uploaded or online form with support letters sent separately via email).

Nominations are held for three years so long as the date of PhD is still within the eligible range.

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Brandon Ruotolo, 2023 Recipient

Brandon Ruotolo, 2023 RecipientBrandon Ruotolo is the recipient of the 2023 ASMS Biemann Medal for his significant contributions in the development and application of novel high performance mass spectrometry technologies for protein and protein complex structure elucidation. Examples of his innovative scientific contributions include: (1) leadership in the development of ion mobility MS (IM-MS) for structural characterization of biopolymers; (2) refinement of collision induced unfolding (CIU) methods that enable determination of the number of autonomously folded domains within proteins and characterization of stability reflective of changes in both local and global protein structure; (3) the use of CIU to probe the relative stability of protein-ligand interactions; (4) the development of chemical cross-linkers to stabilize protein structure in the absence of bulk solvent; (5) integration of IM-MS and other structural MS methods as a high-throughput approach for structural proteomics; and (6) application of IM-MS as a screening tool for therapeutic drug discovery. Dr. Ruotolo has built an impressive research program that is addressing application of high impact to the biology and medical communities.

Dr. Ruotolo is Professor of Chemistry, University of Michigan.

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