Postdoctoral Career Development Awards

Up to five ASMS Postdoctoral Career Development Awards in the amount of $5,000 each will be presented annually. The purpose of the award is to promote the professional career development of postdoctoral fellows in the field of mass spectrometry. Activities envisioned for this award include, but are not limited to, conference and workshop attendance, travel to other mass spectrometry laboratories, purchase of books and/or software.

Applicant must be a member of ASMS; be a postdoctoral fellow within three years of completing a Ph.D. or equivalent degree; be currently appointed as a postdoctoral fellow in North America (e.g., in academia, industry, a government or national laboratory or at a research institute); may not have previously received an award under this program; and be appointed as a postdoctoral fellow during the entire period of the award (June 1 – May 31).
Fiscal Requirements for Award Winners. The award will be a $5,000 gift to the institution or institution-related foundation for the exclusive use by the awardee. Funds may not be used to subsidize the awardee’s salary. Laboratory supplies, accessories, instrumentation or instrumentation upgrades are also not eligible expenses for award funds. The funds are to be expended on activities that enhance the awardee’s professional development. In accepting this award, the awardee’s institution must agree to not charge overhead on the funds. Funds must be expended before the end of the postdoctoral fellowship. Funds granted under this program may not be be transferred to a different institution in the event the awardee moves, and unused funds must be returned to ASMS.

How to Apply. First, complete and submit the online application. Second, insure that required letters are sent by email. Applicant's dossier is not considered complete until required letters are received by info [at] asms [dot] org. Letters must be received by November 30 deadline.

Deadline for complete dossiers is November 30.

Items Needed for Online Application

  • Fiscal proposal and justification (two-page max.) This document will explain how the $5,000 award will be used to enhance the applicant’s professional career development. Note: Salaries, laboratory supplies, accessories, instrumentation or instrumentation upgrades are not eligible expenses for award funds.
    For applications requesting funds to support a visit to another laboratory, a brief description of the expected research activities along with an estimate of the duration of the visit needs to be provided within the Fiscal Proposal and Justification. Also include a letter from the PI of the laboratory to be visited confirming willingness to host the applicant for the proposed experience.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendation Letters (letter writer names). A minimum of two required letters. IF requesting funds to support a visit to another laboratory a third letter from the PI of the lab to be visited to confirm willingness to host the applicant for the proposed experience. All letters should be sent directly to info [at] asms [dot] org including the applicant's name in file name. Applicant will be prompted to list letter writer names in the online application.
    • Letter from applicant's Ph.D. advisor (required)
    • Letter from applicant's post-doctoral mentor (required)
    • Letter from proposed host PI (required only if funds will be used to support visit from another lab)
Review and Ranking of Candidates. The ASMS President will appoint a review committee to rank the candidates based on their proposals and letters of recommendation. The awards will be presented at the ASMS Business Meeting at the annual conference.


2018 ASMS Postdoctoral Career Development Award Winners

2018 Postdoc Chacon_Patino

2018 Postdoc  Gilliland

2018 Postdoc Jarmusch

2018 Postdoc Zhang

2018 Postdoc Zhu

Martha Chacón-Patiño
Natl High Field Magnetic Laboratory

Mac Gilliland
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Alan Jarmusch
University of California, San Diego

Shen Zhang
Mount Siinai Hospital, University of Toronto

Yanlong Zhu
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Past Recipients of Postdoctoral Career Development Awards

Bushra Amin
University of Pittsburgh
Andrea Carra
University of Minnesota
Romel Dator
University of Minnesota
Charles Nichols
Vanderbilt University


John Cahill
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Andrew DeBlase
Purdue University
Catherine Going
Stanford University
Pengyuan Liu
The Wistar Institute


Martin Paine
Georgia Institute of Technology
Valentina Pirro
Purdue University
Gloria Sheynkman
Harvard Medical School


Huilin Li
University of California, Los Angeles
Boone Prentice
Vanderbilt University
Hao Zhang
Washington University at St. Louis