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Demographic Data in Your Profile

Beginning in mid-2017 ASMS implemented a demographic data section within the user profile. This project was initiated by the Diversity Committee. Beginning November 2020 we have developed a more user friendly prompt inviting users to update their demographic data. This development coincides with a refresh selections available for questions relating to race/ethnicity, gender, and job sector.


What is the Face of ASMS-v2

New for 2020-2021 - Our Request to All Users of site

  • LOOK for pop-up window after you sign-in to this website and click 'My Account'. This pop-up message will take you directly to edit your profile where you can make your selections in response to the updated demographic questions.
  • The Diversity Committee will prepare an annual infographic to explain the "Face of ASMS" so that we can easily share a snapshot of membership composition, conference presentations and registration. All data is anonymized for privacy before analysis. We anticipate publishing the first infographic in Spring 2021.
  • The History Committee is at work on a History of Diversity poster for the ASMS history poster series. 

How to Update Demographic Data in Your Profile (anytime!)

  1. Simply login to this website and select 'My Account' once signed in.
  2. Your Summary page will open in a new browser tab.
  3. Select the 'Edit Profile' button to edit contact information, demographic data, and include your Twitter handle!
  4. Be sure to SAVE when your edits are complete.

Statement on Usage of Your Demographic Data

As a society we hope to serve a diverse group of researchers and scholars from different backgrounds. Collection of demographic information will help us better understand how well we reflect the general population and how we compare to other scientific and academic societies and organizations. This information will remain confidential, it will not be shared with other institutions or agencies, and will not be used for individual identification.