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ASMS Interest Groups

Ambient Sampling and Ionization

Coordinators: Chris Gill (AERL, Vancouver Island University) and Anyin Li (University of New Hampshire)
Workshop Reports: 202220212020 

Analytical Laboratory Managers

Coordinators: Uri Keshet (UC Davis) and Brett Phinney (UC Davis)
Workshop Reports: 202220202019, 20182017201620152014,

Bioinformatics for MS

Coordinators: Katarzyna Kulej (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) and Claire O'Donovan (EMBL-EBI) Workshop Reports: 202220202019, 201820172016201420132012


Coordinators: Da Ren and Andrew Mahan (Janssen R&D)
Workshop Reports: 202220202019, 20182017201620152014,

Career Development

Coordinators: Elizabeth Pierson (Merck) and Troy D. Wood (University of Buffalo)
Workshop Reports: 202220212020 2019, 2018

Clinical Chemistry

Coordinator: Brian Rappold (LabCorp) and TBA
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 2018201720152013

Data Independent Acquisition

Coordinators: Lindsay Pino (Talus Bioscience) and Lukas Reiter (Biognosys)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 2018201720162013

Developing World: Supporting Research and Education

Coordinators: Giles Edwards (University of Manchester) and Kym Faull (UCLA)
Workshop Reports: 2022

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)

Coordinators: Lina Luo (BMS) and Hlaing (Holly) Maw (Boehringer-Ingelheim)
Workshop Reports: 202220212019, 2018201720162015,

Energy, Petroleum and Biofuels

Coordinators: Yuri Corilo (PNNL) and Leonard Nyadong (Phillips 66)
Workshop Reports: 20222019, 20182017201620152014

Environmental Applications

Coordinators: Ahmed Hamid (Auburn University) and Kevin Tucker (Southern Illinois University)
Workshop Reports: 202220212019, 2018201720162015,
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.


Coordinators: Ruth Marfil-Vega (Shimadzu) and Benedikt Warth (University of Vienna)
Workshop Reports: 20222019, 2018, 2017, 20162015
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Flavor, Fragrance and Foodstuff

Coordinators: Joe Binkley (LECO)  and Liz Humston-Fulmer (LECO)
Workshop Reports: 202220202019, 2018201720162015,
For more from this group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Forensics and Homeland Security

Coordinators: J. Tyler Davidson (Sam Houston State University) and Ruth Smith (Michigan State University)
Workshop Reports: 20222019, 201820172014


Coordinators: David Butcher (NHMFL) and Yuri Corilo (PNNL)
Workshop Reports: 202220212019, 2018201720162015,


Coordinators: Alexander Makarov (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Yury Tsybin (SpectroSwiss)
Workshop Reports: 202220212019, 2018, 2017, 20162015,


HD Exchange, Covalent Labeling and Cross Linking

Coordinators: Fabio Gozzo (University of Campinas) and Corie Ralston (Lawerence Berkley National Lab)
Workshop Reports: 20222021202020192018201720162015,

Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Ingela Lanekoff (Uppsala University) and Boone Prentice (University of Florida)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 2017, 20162015201420132012

Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: James Prell (University of Oregon) and Xueyun Zheng (PNNL)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 201720162015201420132012

Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Dalton Snyder (Ohio State University) and Lucas Szalwinski (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 20182017201620152014

LCMS and Related Topics

Coordinators: James Dodds (Duke University) and Jack Ryan (North Carolina State University)
Workshop Reports: 202220212019, 20172016201420132012

Lipids and Lipidomics

Coordinators: Harald Köfeler (Medical University of Graz) and Michael Holčapek (Univerzita Pardubice, Czech Republic)
Workshop Reports: 20202019, 201820172016201520142013

New for 2023! Mass Spectral Libraries

Coordinators: Emma Rennie (Agilent Technologies) and Xiaoyu (Sara) Yang (NIST)


Coordinators: Maryam Goudarzi (SCIEX) , Thomas Horvath (Texas Children's Hospital - Microbiome Center), and Tytus Mak (NIST)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 2017, 2016201520142013

Native Mass Spectrometry

Coordinators: Justin Benesch (University of Oxford), Arthur Laganowsky (Texas A&M University), and Kristine Parson (FUJIFILM Diosynth USA) 
Workshop Reports: 202220212020, 2019 

New for 2023! Oligonucleotides and Nucleic Acids

Coordinators: Varun Gadkari (University of Minnesota), Jennifer Lippens (Janssen Pharmaceutica NV), and Robert Ross (Thermo Fisher Scientific)


Coordinators: Kiran Iyer (Merck) and Jeremy Manheim (Merck)
Workshop Reports: 202220202019, 201820172015201420132012

Photoionization MS

Coordinators: Luke Hanley (University of Illinois-Chicago), Christopher Rueger (University of Rostock), and TBA
Workshop Reports: 2022, 20202019, 2017201620142013

Polymeric Materials

Coordinators: Thierry Fouquet (Bausch & Lomb) and Anthony Gies (Dow Chemical Company)
Workshop Reports: 20222020,  2019, 2018201720162015,
For more from this interest group (presentation slides, etc.) click here.

Regulated Bioanalysis

Coordinators: Wenkui Li (Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research) and Jian Wang (Crinetics Pharmaceuticals)
Workshop Reports: 20222019, 2018201720162015,

Top Down Proteomics

Coordinators: Yuri E.M. van der Burgt (Leiden University Medical Center) and Mowei Zhou (PNNL)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 2018

Undergraduate Research in MS

Coordinators: Brandie Ehrmann (UNC) and Mac Gilliland (Furman University)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 201720162015201420132012

Young Mass Spectrometrists

Coordinators: Christopher Pulliam (Proctor & Gamble) and Ryan Bain (ATF)
Workshop Reports: 2022202120202019, 2018201720162015,