Evening Workshops

This is an overview listing of all workshops planned for the 70th ASMS Conference. All evening workshops are scheduled 5:45-7:00 pm. Evening workshops are organized by ASMS Interest Group Coordinators or Independently.

Workshop descriptions are now available in the Online Planner.

Monday Evening Workshops

  • Botanical Dietary Supplements: How mass spectrometry is impacting the assessment of the quality (Interest Group: Pharmaceuticals)
  • Career Opportunities for Chinese Students and Scholars (Independent)
  • Developing World Outreach (Interest Group: Developing World Outreach)
  • Ensuring QA/QC through the Harmonization of Microsampling Techniques in Clinical Chemistry Applications  (Interest Group: Clinical Chemistry)
  • FTMS:  FAIR Data for the Masses (Interest Group: FTMS)
  • Incorporating Hands-on Tutorials into Undergraduate Curriculum (Interest Group: Undergraduate Research in MS)
  • Machine Learning: How is it enhancing Mass Spectrometry? (Independent)
  • Mass Spectral Libraries: Current and Future Applications (Independent)
  • Mass Spectrometry for Drug Evaluation and Research at the FDA (Independent)
  • Molecular Coverage in Ambient Ionization (Interest Group: Ambient Sampling & Ionization)
  • Networking for Scientists: Celebrating Women Mass Spectrometrists (Independent)
  • Polymeric Materials: Coupling of Thermal Polymer Analysis Techniques to MS (Interest Group: Polymeric Materials)
  • Real-time Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics and Beyond (Independent)
  • Recent development and ongoing challenges with HDX/CL/XL (Interest Group: HDX Covalent Labeling & Cross Linking)
  • The Exposome, Success Stories and the Way Forward (Interest Group: Exposomics)
  • The NIH and NSF Review and Funding Process (Independent)
  • Trans-Proteomic Pipeline: Recent Advances and Future Directions (Independent)


Tuesday Evening Workshops

  • ASMS Diversity & Inclusion Committee Workshop
  • Best Practices for Maintaining Research Continuity in the Shared Resource Laboratory (Interest Group: Analytical Lab Managers)
  • Big Data Analytics for Energy, Petroleum and Biofuels. (Interest Group: Energy Petroleum & Biofuels)
  • Extractable and Leachable Testing in Pharmaceutical Industry (Independent)
  • From Academia to Industry: How Native MS works with complementary technologies to elucidate protein structure.  (Interest Group: Native Mass Spectrometry)
  • How to Kick Start Your Career in Academic or National/Federal Labs (part 1) (Interest Group: Young Mass Spectrometrists)
  • HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative and ProteomeXchange for FAIR Biological MS (Independent)
  • Imaging MS: Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Interest Group: Imaging MS)
  • Ion traps and other Technologies that Brought Miniature Mass Spectrometers Mainstream (Interest Group: Ion Trap MS)
  • Isotopes - the Curse and Blessing of Mass Spectrometry (Interest Group: Fundamentals)
  • Kahoot LC-MS Trivia! Stress free fun about LC-MS, ASMS, and Minneapolis!  (Interest Group: LCMS & Related Topics)
  • Photoionization MS: How to Identify the Best Technique for an Analytical Problem? (Interest Group: Photoionization MS)
  • Recent Advances in ADME Biomarkers (Interest Group: DMPK)
  • Top-Down Mass Spectrometry: Panel Discussion to Address the Community's Challenges (Interest Group: Top-Down Proteomics)
  • Towards probability-based metabolite identification confidence (Independent)
  • Utilizing GC/MS and Peripheral Technologies for Problem Solving in the Development of FFF Products (Interest Group: Flavor Frangrance & Foodstuff)
  • Visualization of Mass Spectrometry related data (Interest Group: Bioinformatics MS)

Wed. Evening Workshops

  • Allyship: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace (Interest Group: Career Development)
  • Cannabis & Hemp Science: The Importance of Mass Spectrometry (Independent)
  • Characterizing Greatness: Celebrating Fred McLafferty (Independent)
  • Cloud Resources for Proteomics Analysis (Independent)
  • Current Landscape of High Throughput Sample Preparation in Quantitative MS (Independent)
  • Data Independent Acquisition Goes Mainstream?  (Interest Group: Data Independent Acquisition)
  • Democratizing Metabolomics: Lessons learned and future directions from US regional core facilities (Interest Group: Metabolomics)
  • Efficient Analysis of Wastewater by Advanced Mass Spectrometry Techniques (Interest Group: Environmental Applications)
  • Forensic Mass Spectral Technology: The Transition from Research to Practical Application (Interest Group: Forensics & Homeland Security)
  • How to Kick Start Your Career in Industry (part 2)  (Interest Group: Young Mass Spectrometrists)
  • Ion Mobility Spectrometry: What's next? (Interest Group: Ion Mobility MS)
  • Multi-Attribute Method (MAM): New Aspects in  Development (Interest Group: Biotherapeutics)
  • Periodic Table of Food Initiative:  Engaging the Mass Spectrometry Community in the Development of a Democratized Foodomics Technology Platform (Independent)
  • Recent Advances in Oligonucleotides & Peptides Bioanalysis by Triple Quad and HRMS  (Interest Group: Regulated Bioanalysis)
  • Single-cell proteomics: From Sample Preparation to Data Analysis (Independent)