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Strategic Initiatives

As announced at the ASMS General Meeting in Minneapolis (June 2013), the ASMS Board is seeking strategic initiatives to benefit the membership.

Submit a Proposal

Please email your proposal for a strategic initiative to info [at] asms [dot] org.
(Word doc or PDF, please). 

Your proposal should include: 
  • brief title
  • your contact information
  • summary of your idea (no more than 300 words)
  • timeline
  • anticipated cost
Proposals will be considered by the Board of Directors twice annually (August and February). 

New Initiatives Implemented since 2013

  • 2021: Enhancement of annual conference participation to remote attendees
  • 2020: Emerging Talent online webinar series
  • 2019: Increase to 20 Graduate Student Travel Awards for annual conference or non-ASMS conferences ($1,000 plus free ASMS conference registration)
  • 2019: Launch of Al Yergey MS Scientists “unsung heros” award
  • 2018: Launch of Faces of Mass Spectrometry feature in JASMS (and posted to commissioned by professional science writers.
  • 2016: Launch of Bibliometric project
  • 2016: Conference poster lunch provided on Monday for undergrads to “Meet the Experts”
  • 2015: Graduate Student Travel Awards for annual conference or non-ASMS conferences (10 awards @ $1,000 plus free ASMS conference registration)
  • 2015: Undergrad Student Travel Awards (10 awards @ $500 plus free conference registration)
  • 2015: Conference refreshments enhanced: Poster pick-me-ups, more coffee
  • 2015: Local Area Discussion Group Speaker Support Program - Learn how it works.
  • 2014: Thomson book - free to members/conference registrants
  • 2014: Implementation of Postdoc awards (5 awards @ $5,000)
  • 2014: 50% increase in the amount of funds for Student Travel Stipends at the ASMS Annual Conference ($70,000 stipends annually)
  • 2014: Educational videos and other website educational resources online
  • 2013: Educational Videos - Watch the 'Basics of Mass Spectrometry: Mass Analyzers'
  • 2013: 50% increase in the amount of funds for Student/Post-Doc Travel Stipends for each of the smaller meetings.  Find applications for Asilomar Conference, Fall Workshop, and Sanibel Conference.
  •  2013: Enhanced Conference Amenities (more coffee and refreshments like the poster pick-me-up snacks)