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Resources from ASMS Diversity & Inclusion Cmte

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee organized an evening workshop at the ASMS 2021 in Philadelphia. Resources presented and shared at the 2021 workshop may be of interest to the whole community. 

View slide presentation from the 2021 Workshop in Philadelphia (PDF). A download of the PowerPoint file is also available.

The following video links are also included in the workshop PowerPoint slides.

About Face: How First Impressions Fool Us video produced by Outsmarting Human Minds. Check out their website here for additional videos and learning tools:

Extraordinary Grace video produced by SCIEX.

Extraordinary Grace: The STEM Community Reacts video produced by SCIEX. Learn more about the Extraordinary Grace project here:

Love Has No Labels video produced by the Ad Council.

Who Are We Helping video produced by Outsmarting Human Minds.

Inclusion Starts with an 'I' video produced by Accenture LLP.

Learn More About the ASMS Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Committee duties and ongoing activities

Committee composition

Society Demographics - check out the poster prepared by the D&I committee on demographics of 2020 conference attendance and other posters on diversity within the Society co-created with the History Committee