The 2021 Fall Workshop will include two days of instruction. Please find the preliminary program schedule below. Some instructors/lecturers are already confirmed and noted below. As additional instructors are confirmed they will be posted to this page.

Preliminary Program Schedule

Day 1 - Basic Sample Preparation

Lectures are 40 minutes with 15-20 minutes discussion. Instructors will provide resource information for each topic.

Overview of Imaging Mass Spectrometry, Kevin Schey (Vanderbilt University)

MALDI Sources and Instrumentation, Michelle Reyzer (Vanderbilt University)

Preparation of Mammalian Cells & Microbes for Imaging Mass Spectrometry, Laura Sanchez (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Organoid Preparation for Imaging Mass Spectrometry, Amanda Hummon & Emily Sekera (Ohio State University)

Tissue Preparation for Imaging Mass Spectrometry, Michelle Reyzer (Vanderbilt University)

Array Imaging of Cells, Biofluids and Target Proteins, TBA

Day Two - Sample Preparation for Target Analytes

Lectures are 45 minutes followed by half hour discussion. Instructors will provide resource information for each topic.

Lipid & Metabolites, Approaches and Pitfalls, Pierre Chaurand (Université de Montréal)

Drug Imaging & Approaches to Drug Quantification, Reid Groseclose (GlaxoSmithKline )

Glycans, Richard Drake (Medical University of South Carolina)

Peptide Imaging & Parallel LC-MS/MS Workflows, Peggi Angel (Medical University of South Carolina)

Top Down Proteomic Imaging & Identification, Jessica Moore (Frontier Diagnostics)