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ASMS Committees are in most cases recommended by the Board of Directors and are appointed by the President. The committees oversee specific functions of the society. Committee terms of two years are staggered. Face-to-face committee meetings are scheduled at the annual conference.

Asilomar Conference Committee

Jason Hogan 
(Bristol-Myers-Squibb), Chair, committee term ends 6/30/2023
John Bowden (University of Florida), Chair-Elect, committee term ends 6/30/2024
Beatrix Ueberheide (New York University), Past Chair, committee term ends 6/30/2022
Rick Yost (University of Florida), ASMS Board Past President, term ends 6/30/2022

Learn about the Asilomar Conference Committee duties and responsibilities.

Award Selection Committees

The Award Selection Committees are anonymous and are appointed by the President of ASMS.  Learn about duties and responsibilities of the Awards Committees.

Corporate Liaison Committee

Michael Easterling (Bruker), Chair, ASMS Vice-President Arrangements, term ends 6/30/2023
St John Skilton (Protein Metrics), term ends 6/30/2023
Annabelle Carter-Finch (Peak Scientific), terms ends 6/30/2023
Tom Kearney (Newomics), term ends 6/30/2022
Maureen Quaranta (Shimadzu), term ends 6/30/2022
Angie Jinks (Thermo Fisher Scientific), term ends 6/30/2023
Lauryn Bailey (SCIEX), term ends 6/30/2023

Learn more about the Corporate Liaison Committee duties and responsibilities.

Digital Communications Committee

Francisco Fernandez Lima (Florida International University), Chair, ASMS Board Member-at-Large, term ends 6/30/2022
Birgit Schilling (The Buck Institute), term ends 6/30/2023
Devin Schweppe (University of Washington), term ends 6/30/2022
Thomas Wales (Northeastern University), term ends 6/30/2023
Xin Yan (Texas A&M University), term ends 6/30/2022

Learn about the Digital Communications Committee duties and responsibilities.

Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Candice Ulmer (CDC), Chair, term ends 6/30/2022
Jennifer Campbell
(Novartis), term ends 6/30/2022
Saiful Chowdhury (University of Texas at Arlington), term ends 6/30/2023
Dominic Gostick (SCIEX), term ends 6/30/2023
Carlos Larriba Andaluz (IUPUI), term ends 6/30/2022
Rick Yost (University of Florida), ASMS Past President, term ends 6/30/2022

Learn about the Membership, Diversity & Inclusion Committee duties and responsibilities. Check out resources available from the committee.

Education Committee

Lisa Jones (University of Maryland, Baltimore), Chair, ASMS Board Member-at-Large for Education, term ends 6/30/2022
Sankha (Bobby) Basu (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School), term ends 6/30/2022
Joseph Eschweiler (Abbvie), term ends 6/30/2023
Lisa O'Callaghan (Merck), term ends 6/30/2023
Allison Scott (University of Maryland), term ends 6/30/2022

Learn about the Education Committee duties and responsibilities.

History Committee

P. Jane Gale, Chair, ASMS Archivist/Historian
Michael Grayson, ex officio
Ron Hites (retired Indiana University), term ends 6/30/2022
Asher Newsome (Smithsonian Institute), term ends 6/30/2023
Magnus Palmblad (Leiden University), term ends 6/30/2023
Adrienne Tymiak (retired), term ends 6/30/2022

Learn more about the History Committee duties and responsibilities.

Nominating Committee

Jennifer Brodbelt (University of Texas, Austin), Chair, term ends 6/30/2023
Tarun Anumol (Agilent), term ends 6/30/23
Lan Huang (University of California, Irvine), term ends 6/30/2022
Christina Jones (NIST), term ends 6/30/2022
Touradj Solouki (Baylor University), term ends 6/30/2023

Learn about the Nominating Committee duties and responsibilities.

Publications Committee

Stephen Valentine, Chair, ASMS Member-at-Large for Publications, term ends 6/30/2023
Richard Y. Huang (Bristol Myers Squibb), term ends 6/30/2022
Joseph Loo (UCLA), JASMS Editor-in-Chief, ex officio
Vanessa Phelan (University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus), term ends 6/30/2022
Si Wu (University of Oklahoma), term ends 6/30/2022
Mowei Zhou (PNNL), term ends 6/30/2023

Learn about the Publications Committee duties and responsibilities.

Sanibel Conference Committee

Lissa Anderson (NHMFL), Chair, committee term ends 6/30/2022
Richard Rogers (Juno Therapeutics, A BMS Company), Chair-Elect, committee term ends 6/30/2023
Xiuxia Du (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Member, committee term ends 6/30/2024
Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic (PNNL), ASMS Treasurer and Board Liaison, term ends 6/30/2022

Learn about the Sanibel Conference duties and responsibilities.