About ASMS


The Education Committee is selected by the ASMS Board of Directors and appointed by the President. The committee is chaired by the Member at Large for Education.

Committee Member Term: Two years, July 1 of year one to June 30 of year two


  1. Recommend topics, instructors and content for the Fall Workshop and the conference short courses to the ASMS Board; 
  2. Contact instructors to secure their commitments; 
  3. Review registrant evaluations for the Fall Workshop and annual short courses; 
  4. Suggest and oversee additions to the series on Classic Books; 
  5. Develop educational resources (with Publications Committee) such as videos, brochures and posters on specific topics; 
  6. Contribute educational content (with Digital Communications Committee) to the Society website; 
  7. Meet in person at the annual conference, and via electronic correspondence at other times throughout the year when required, and prepare a report for the ASMS Board

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