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Corporate Liaison

The Corporate Liaison Committee consists of seven members. Three of these members are representatives of large corporate member companies (defined as more than 80 company attendees at the annual conference for at least two years) and three members are representatives of small-to-midsize corporate member companies. The seventh member is a representative from the ASMS Board.

The three small-to-midsize representatives are elected on a rotating basis by the corporate member community by an election at the conference. There are currently six companies that qualify as large corporate member companies and these three representatives rotate annually.

Term: Two years commencing July 1 of the year selected, and concluding June 30 of 2nd year


  1. Assist ASMS staff in interpreting Corporate Member Guidelines;
  2. Meet at the annual conference and prepare a report for the Corporate Member Meeting;
  3. Attend the Corporate Member Meeting at the annual conference;
  4. Welcome exhibitors at the annual conference and request feedback on their experience (exhibit booth visit assignments divide among committee members);
  5. Representatives from two companies are invited each year to attend the summer site visit for next year's annual conference, expenses covered by ASMS, if needed;

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