What's New for 2024

Learn all about the new offerings and programs at ASMS 2024.

Poster Reprint Request [PosterBridge]

Use this feature in the app to request reprint - more info on a specific poster. LEARN HOW HERE. This in-app system replaces QR code stickers used the last 3 years. If you prefer analog, an envelope is posted at each poster board to drop a physical business card.

Poster Chat Kiosks

Learn what these are and how to use them HERE.

Career Center is 201AB (NOT the Poster-Exhibit Hall)

Go to Room 201AB to review physical job postings or to peruse the onliine career center. Interview booths available inside. More info HERE.

Networking Sessions

Learn more about the new Networking Sessions Monday - Wednesday in the Poster-Exhibit Hall.


Install the Mobile App now, search ASMS 2024 in app stores. More info here.
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