For Parents attending the meeting

Nursing / Lactation Rooms in the Convention Center

Two dedicated nursing/lactation rooms will be designated for your use. These rooms are located on the ground floor of the convention center. If you need assistance locating a nursing/lactation room, please ask for assistance at the center's help desk or the ASMS help desk in the badge printing area. 

Excerpt from Conference Policies relating to Parents bringing children.

Parents. Planned conference sessions and hospitality suites may not be appropriate for children. Please respect the interests of your colleagues by allowing them to attend activities without disruption and without concern for the safety of children. Strollers, child backpack carriers or similar devices are permitted in the poster hall, and parents/caregivers are asked to keep in mind safety and well-being of children and conference attendees, taking care to avoid crowded spaces.  Strollers are NOT permitted in the hospitality suites.  

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Support for Conference Attendance Challenges (Child or Elder Care or Unemployment)

At least 20 awards of $500 will be granted to students, postdocs, early career scientists, or other ASMS members who require financial assistance in order to be able to attend an ASMS conference. Deadline to apply is February 2, 2024.

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If your child will be in the convention center with you, please consider the following:

  • If your child is a teenager or young adult we recommend the parent purchase a Companion badge. 
  • If your child is 12 or under, Companion badge is not required and is optional, but may be needed for purchase of a closing event ticket.
  • Parents should follow the Conference Policy excerpt noted above at all times.

If you wish to bring a child to the closing event on Thursday evening, a special advance ticket purchase is required see below for details.

Children ages 2 and older are required to have a companion closing event ticket. This includes a companion badge ($10) and companion closing event ticket ($50).

For safety reasons, strollers are not permitted at the closing event.

The online registration system allows for purchase of one companion badge and one companion closing event ticket. If you need to purchase additional companion badge / companion closing event ticket, please contact for assistance. Thank you!