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Statement from ASMS Board, June 9, 2020

Dear ASMS Reboot Registrants and ASMS Community,

We recognize that some of you may limit your activity at ASMS Reboot tomorrow, June 10, in solidarity with #ShutDownSTEM. We stand in support of the concepts and actions of this movement. Unfortunately, we are unable to stop the meeting for this day. We will suspend the daily lunchtime trivia (1:10-1:25pm CDT) and we are working to re-purpose this webinar slot to serve as a reflective community moment. Please know that all live events are recorded so you will have on-demand access to anything you miss.

For those that will still participate in the Reboot tomorrow, but would like to support this movement we encourage you to consider making a pledge to tackle one of the Take Action suggestions at  shutdownstem.com/action. If you would like to share your pledge or reflections, we welcome the community to do so using #ASMS2020 and #ShutDownStem. This will enable your Tweets to display in the conference Twitter feed.


Richard A. Yost, ASMS President  |  On behalf of the ASMS Board of Directors

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