Presenter Guidelines

Presenter Guidelines

For All Talks

  • All speakers may present from the conference laptop (PC running MS Office and outfitted with slide advancer) or their own computer. IF you wish to use your own computer: 1) bring adaptor to get to HDMI (BYOA - bring your own adaptor!) and 2) bring your own advancer or plan to use your keyboard.
  • Invited Speaker Talks: 20' is allocated for these presentations. This will be followed by ten minutes for Q&A and speaker transition. This ten minutes is not part of your presentation time. PLEASE limit your talk to the 20' this will insure lively discussion and fairness to other speakers in your session. See final program for details on your day/time of your scheduled talk. 
  • Short Talks will be 10 minutes. This will be followed by 2 minutes for Q&A and speaker transition.
  • Opening and closing plenary speakers will be 40 minutes. This will be followed by 5 minutes Q&A.
  • Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes prior to the start of your session to load your talk or test/connect your computer. IF you will use your own laptop, bring adaptor to connect to HDMI.

Poster Highlight Talks

These are 'flash-style talks' intended to give a 'teaser' for your poster.

Time will be 90 seconds per presenter. There will not be Q&A after each presentation (that is what your poster is for!)

PPT slides. Please prepare 3-5 slides for your presentation. We will harvest your slides in advance and create a single PPT deck for the poster highlight talks. We will have a title slide (poster title, presenter name, presenter affiliation) and we will insert your PPT slides AFTER the title slide.

  • Poster Highlights - email your slides to by 1pm on Saturday, October 14.

Posters (for poster-only or poster accompanying poster highlight talk)

Poster boards are split in half (with divider tape). Each poster space will be approx 43-in. x 43-in. We suggest that posters are printed at no larger than 42-inches, portrait orientation. If your poster is slightly taller, this will be fine (it will hang slightly below the board frame). Posters are illuminated by a single clip light placed center on the poster board.

There will be two poster groups (Fri-Sat Posters and Sun-Mon Posters).

Push pins will be available. Poster boards are velcro compatible but you need to bring your own velcro!