Evening Workshops

This is an overview listing of all workshops planned for the 69th ASMS Conference. All evening workshops are scheduled 5:45-7:00 pm Eastern. Broadcast of evening workshops will be available in online planner and mobile app. For in-person attendees, snacks (!!) will be available in the foyers.

Monday Evening Workshops

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01 Kahoot! Interactive Trivia on LC-MS Related Topics, Ballroom A

02 Machine Learning: How Is It Enhancing Mass Spectrometry?, Ballroom B

03 Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry: Basic Strategies and Biological Applications, Room 201 ABC

04 Forensic Mass Spectral Technology: The Transition from Research to Practical Application, Room 204 ABC

05 Advances in High Throughput Sample Preparation for Quantitative Mass Spectrometry-based Studies, Room 102 AB

06 Analysis of High MW Polymers, Room 103 ABC

07 Building and Implementing Effective DEI Initiatives in the Laboratory Space, Room 104 AB

08 MS Career Options: How to Kick Start Your Career, Room 108 AB

09 Single-Cell Proteomics: From Sample Preparation to Data Analysis, Room 109 AB

10 Teaching Mass Spectrometry: What are the Essential Skills and Concepts that Students Need to Learn at the Undergraduate Level?, Room 110 AB

11 Visualization of Mass Spectrometry Related Data, Room 111 AB

12 Enhancing Environmental Applications with Tandem Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry, Room 113 ABC

13 Top-down Mass Spectrometry Data Visualization and Identification Using TopMSV, 114 Auditorium

Tuesday Evening Workshops

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01 Top Down Proteomics and Top Down Mass Spectrometry: Emerging Technologies, Ballroom A

02 HDX, Covalent Labeling & Cross-Linking: New developments and Applications, Ballroom B

03 Recent Advances in Oligonucleotides & Peptides Bioanalysis by Triple Quad and HRMS, Room 201 ABC

04 Bridging Native-MS in Academia and Industry: Nucleic Acids and Their Delivery Systems, Room 204 ABC

05 The NIH and NSF Review and Funding Process, Room 102 AB

06 Big Data: Analytics and Metadata for Energy, Petroleum and Biofuels, Room 103 ABC

07 Quality Control for Proteomics and Metabolomics, Room 104 AB

08 New Horizons in the Application of Mass Spectrometry in Extractables and Leachables, Room 108 AB

09 Allyship: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace, Room 109 AB

10 Data Independent Acquisition: From Data Acquisition to Analysis, Room 110 AB

11 Emerging Technologies Advancing Mass Spectrometry Research: 3D Printing, Room 111 AB

12 Big Particles - Practical Aspects to Trapping Ultra High Masses, Room 113 ABC

13 Probability-based Metabolite Identification Confidence: How Can We Get There?, 114 Auditorium

14 Achieving Harmonized Clinical Laboratory Testing: Current Best Practices & Future Approaches, Room 105 AB

Wed. Evening Workshops

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01 From Theory to Revolutionary Instrumentation: Nothing is More Practical than a Good Theory?, Ballroom A

02 Ambient MS and Direct to MS: Strategies for Quantitation, Ballroom B

03 Interpreting Imaging MS Data at 'Omics Level: Integration with Other Omics Platforms, Room 201 ABC

04 Ion Mobility MS Data Analysis Tools: What's There and What Isn't, Room 204 ABC

05 The International Metaproteomics Initiative: Communicating and Advancing Metaproteomics Research, Room 102 AB

06 MS Libraries for Compound Identification, Room 103 ABC

07 Developing World Outreach, Room 104 AB

08 Networking for Scientists: Celebrating Women Mass Spectrometrists, Room 108 AB

10 LC-MS for Translational DMPK and Precision Medicine, Room 110 AB

11 Real-time Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics and Beyond, Room 111 AB

12 Protips and Life Hacks for FTMS, Room 113 ABC

13 Trans-Proteomic Pipeline: Recent Advances and Future Directions, 114 Auditorium

14 Utilization of Mass Spectrometry in Cannabis & Hemp Analysis , Room 105 AB

15 Metabolomic Applications in Human Health and Environmental Sciences, Room 107 B