Online-Only Course

Online-Ony Courses are November 13-14, 2021

A special registration for online-only short courses will open in late September. 

Two-Day Online-Only Short Courses - November 13 & 14 (Sat & Sun)

Clinical Diagnostics: Innovation, Validation, Implementation and Operation by Mass Spectrometry
Instructors: Matthew Crawford, Brian Rappold and Chris Shuford (LabCorp)
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LC-MS: Practical Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Instructors:  Susan Abbatiello (Northeastern University) and Will Thompson (Duke University)
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High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis: An Introduction
Instructors: Matthew Blatnik (Pfizer), Cong Wei (Biogen) and Graham West (Pfizer)
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Protein Structural Analysis by Mass Spectrometry: Hydrogen Exchange and Covalent Labeling
Instructors: Mark Chance (Case Western Reserve), John Engen (Northeastern University), Janna Kiselar (Case Western Reserve), Thomas W. Wales (Northeastern University) 
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Peptides and Proteins in Mass Spectrometry
Instructors: Arthur Moseley (Duke University), Douglas Sheeley (NIH), Eric Soderblom (Duke University)
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Quantitative Proteomics: Case Studies
Instructors:  Meena Choi (Northeastern University), Brendan MacLean (University of Washington), Mateusz Staniak  (University of Wroclaw), Olga Vitek (Northeastern University)
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One-Day Online-Only Short Course - Day to be determined, will be either Nov 13 or Nov 14

New! Top-Down Proteomics, Saturday, November 13
Instructors:  Ying Ge (University of Wisconsin), Neil Kelleher (Northwestern University), Joseph Loo (UCLA) and Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic (PNNL)
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