Remote Posters

Remote Poster Presentations

Check out our page on How to Prepare a Research Poster

Pre-Conference Uploads for Mobile App and Online Planner for ALL Remote Posters

All remote posters must upload a poster PDF. In addition, a short video (optional) can also be uploaded. We strongly encourage all poster presenters to upload the optional short video (mp4.) The submitting author for your poster will receive an email in early October with instructions and upload links. Deadline for upload will be October 27.

There is no specified sizing for your poster PDF upload. We encourage you to consider that most attendees will be viewing your poster PDF on a laptop screen. Multiple pages are fine, but we encourage a single page format if feasible for you.

How Will Attendees View Your Remote Poster

All remote posters will be visible in the online planner and mobile app on a special tab for on-demand content. The short abstract for your remote poster is automatically included. Your submitting author will need to upload the additional items to complete your remote poster (poster PDF and optional short video.)

Each remote poster (and all other presentations) will have a 'contact presenter' button within the online planner and mobile app. Attendees may use this button to send you an email with questions, requests for more info, etc.

Post-Conference Online Poster Session

Once we know how many remote posters need to be accommodated we will begin planning for several post-conference interactive remote poster sessions (online.) Stay tuned for update on how these sessions will work.