In-Person Attendees - What to Expect

Updated October 18, 2021

Will you attend Philadelphia conference in-person? Please answer the question now at or simply login to and click 'My Account'. IF you are registered for the conference, you will see the question.

Attendees who answer "YES, in-person for Philly" will receive an email with custom link to get started with completion of their ASMS 2021 Safe Meetings profile.

Your ASMS 2021 Safe Meetings profile will be used for the following:

  • upload proof of vaccination (any WHO approved vaccination is acceptable),
  • upload proof of negative Covid test (within 72 hours of your arrival, see FAQs for more info),
  • indicate arrival date at convention center,
  • order and pay for 'return home' test, if needed (see FAQs for more info),
  • complete daily symptom checker for days at the conference.

All In-Person attendees must use their ASMS 2021 Safe Meetings profile to manage items above and to enter the Convention Center in Philadelphia. 

What is Required for In-Person Attendees?

We look forward to greeting you in Philadelphia! ASMS has developed a protocol to address concerns over the spread of covid-19 and variants. These measures REQUIRE all in-person conference participants:

  • to be fully vaccinated - sorry, no exceptions,
  • to be tested for Covid-19 within 72 hours of arriving at the conference. This is YOUR responsibility. No onsite testing will be available.
  • to pass through a temperature scanner inside the convention center, and
  • to wear a mask at all times in the convention center (except while eating and drinking).

What to Expect / Process for In-Person Attendees


Answer "Yes" or "No" that you will attend Philadelphia conference in-person by logging into and click My Account (upper right corner).

Monday, October 18 (between 4:30-5:30pm Eastern)

If you answered "Yes, in-person for Philly" expect to receive an email with a custom link to your ASMS 2021 Safe Meetings profile. You will enter or upload the following information to do initial steps in your profile.

  • Proof of vaccination (any WHO approved Covid vaccine)
  • Date of your arrival at the conference
  • If needed, order Covid test for your return home (purchase options include rapid antigen for $39 with results documentation or point of care/rapid PCR for $119 with results documentation.) Deadline to order return-home test is Tues Oct 26 via your ASMS 2021 Safe Meetings profile. You will answer questions re: order of return home test when you first enter your profile. Payment required.

Wednesday, October 27

72 hours within your arrival at conference you will receive notice from ASMS 2021 Safe Meetings to return to your profile and upload your proof of a negative covid-19 test (antigen or PCR). Home tests are acceptable, simply follow manufacturer guidelines for testing and use photo of your negative test result + copy of your ID as your 'proof of negative test result' + copy of dated item such as a newspaper. See FAQs for more info.

Saturday (Oct 30) through Thursday (Nov 4)

On your first day at conference (specified day of arrival in your ASMS 2021 Safe Meetings profile) you will receive an email alert to complete a daily symptom checker.

If you pass the daily symptom checker AND have also previously uploaded your proof of vaccination and proof of negative Covid test, you will have a green 'Clearance Pass' display on your mobile device.

Arrive at Grand Hall of the Pennsylvania Convention Center and:

  1. Display "clearance pass" on your cell phone and show to attendant at entrance to convention center while passing through temperature scanner.
  2. Take a wrist band - different color for each day. 
  3. Proceed to registration kiosks to print conference/short course badges (on your first day only).
  4. If you leave convention center and return, just waive your wrist band to re-enter.

All days

First time that you arrive at convention center each day, repeat steps 1 & 2 above to receive a new wrist band.
If you leave convention center and return, just waive your wrist band for the attendant to see.

Precautions in place at the Convention Center 

The Pennsylvania Convention Center has implemented:

  • rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices, 
  • air quality improvement by increasing fresh air ventilation, and
  • advanced air purification technology. 

All of these precautions are in place to maximize the safety of all inside the convention center; however, we must also rely on each other: 

  • to be truthful,
  • to respect social distancing and hand washing, and
  • to wear face mask or covering inside the Convention Center. 
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