How to Use PosterBridge & Poster QR Stickers

How Poster Presenters Access List of Attendees that Scanned Their Poster QR Sticker

Presenters can access their 'Request Report' in the mobile app by tapping the ...More icon (lower right on Home screen) and selecting My Requests for More Info from Authors. Please see middle screenshot below.

The upper part of display features list of attendees that scanned your poster. Presenters may then export the list by entering an email address. The report is then sent as .csv from to the email entered. If you do not see list of those that scanned your poster QR sticker, please contact We can check the master scan report and send your list to you, if needed.

Presenters are encouraged to follow-up with all attendees that 'request more info' on their poster.

All attendees will see their Request History on the same page but this list of posters you scanned is not available for export. 

Example of QR code sticker. Pre-printed stickers will be available each day. Grab the sticker for your poster on your presentation day (near the Poster Supplies counter inside the Poster-Exhibit Hall).

FP 774 only

Select the More (...) icon to locate the PosterBridge Scanner AND the My Requests for More Info from Authors

More tab (1)

View of 'My Requests for More Info from Authors' for registered SUBMITTING author of a poster. Allows for export request of list of attendees that requested more info about your poster.

Requests for More Info from Authors (1)

Email received after export request. Sender is File includes first name, last name, and email address of attendee that requested more info on your poster. SUBMITTING authors are encouraged to export this info and send email follow-up to attendees that expressed interest. For example, you might send high-quality PDF of your poster or extended abstract with offer to answer questions.

Email from Alerts