How to Contact Presenters or Submit Questions

Submit Questions, Comments, Requests to Oral or Poster Presenters

When you are checking out a poster presentation or oral presentation you will see a 'Contact Speaker for this Presentation' link. Use this to complete an email form that will go directly to the presenter. 

This feature can be used post-conference through January 15.

Presenters these messages will come to you from

Here is what the contact link looks like:

Contact Speaker

Created October 26, 2021

How to Ask Questions Online during Oral Sessions and Evening Workshops

If you are remote or in-person you can submit questions online using the DISCUSSION box at bottom of each oral session or evening workshop. Session chairs will do their best to monitor this. See red arrow in screenshot below. This is Discussion box in online planner (it also exists in the app).

Be sure to tag your question with speaker name so session chair knows who to ask your question to during the session or workshop. Example: @Watson - how does that ion mobilty thing work again?

If you are in person, please feel free to use the aisle mics. We have wipes placed at each aisle mic for your own wipe down. 

Online Planner Discussion Area