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About Vice President for Programs

The Vice President for Programs serves a two-year term, followed by a two-year term as President, and a final two-year term as Past President. As Vice President for Programs duties include:

  1. Is vested with all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the President during the absence of the latter and shall have other duties as may, from time to time, be determined by the Board of Directors.
  2. Has sole responsibility for putting together the program for the Annual Conference of the Society, including: a) solicitation of program ideas from the Board of Directors, Coordinators of Interest Groups & Committees, and from other members as appropriate; b) selection of plenary lecturers, symposium topics, workshops, poster topics, tutorials, and other programs of special interest; c) assembles a slate of sessions topics and session chairs; and d) resolution of any issues regarding the program.
  3. Shares responsibility with the Vice President for Arrangements in the arrangement of meeting rooms, projection equipment, and all other amenities connected with the orderly conduct of the Annual Conference.
  4. Coordinates a Program Review Committee and works closely with the members to review abstracts and set the program.
  5. At the Annual Conference, supervises the conduct of the meeting, arranges for any special requirements for different parts of the program, and develops appropriate mechanisms for feedback on the quality of the Conference.
  6. Assists in training the incoming Vice President for Programs.

At the conclusion of a two-year term, the Vice President for Programs serves a two-year term as President, and two-year term as Past President. Duties as President include:


  1. Is the Chief Executive Officer of the Society presiding at all meetings of the members and directors.
  2. Oversees that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried out, executes all bonds, mortgages, and contracts of the Society
  3. Has general superintendence and direction of all other officers and sees that their duties are properly performed.
  4. Is an “ex-officio” member of all committees except the Nominating and Audit Committees, and has the power, duties and management usually vested in the office of President in a corporation.
  5. Appoints all committees, except as may be otherwise provided.
  6. Shall administer the Distinguished Contribution, Biemann Medal, Hites Award and Research Awards including selection of anonymous committees for review of nominations or proposals and notification of awardees and applicants.
  7. Shall appoint coordinators of Interest Groups and encourage their activities and vitality.

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Candidates for Vice President for Programs


Ying Ge

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Candidate Statement
ASMS plays such a critical role in my career development! I started attending ASMS as a first-year graduate student and got to know so many friends through ASMS, and now each event is like a big family reunion. It is my great honor to serve the society that I care so deeply to continue expanding its tremendous impact, training the young generation scientists, and realizing the full potential of mass spectrometry in interdisciplinary research.

Ying Ge earned a B.S. in Chemistry (Peking University, 1997); Ph.D. in Bioanalytical Chemistry (Cornell University with Professors Fred McLafferty and Tadhg Begley, 2002).  After graduate school, Dr. Ge explored a career in pharmaceutical industry. In 2006, she joined University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison as the founding Director of Mass Spectrometry in the Human Proteomics Program.  In 2012, Dr. Ge started her tenure-track Assistant Professor position, received tenure in 2015, and was promoted to Full Professor in 2019.  Dr. Ying Ge is currently a Professor in the Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology and Department of Chemistry at the UW-Madison.

Dr. Ge’s research is highly interdisciplinary that cuts across the traditional boundaries of chemistry, biology, and medicine. It is her belief that to make significant impact in molecular medicine, it is necessary to bridge the silos between basic and translational/clinical research for precision medicine. Dr. Ge has devoted her past twenty years in developing and applying top-down mass spectrometry-based proteomics to biomedical research. Recently her lab has developed a multi-pronged approach to address the challenges in top-down proteomics. By creatively integrating her expertise in mass spectrometry with cardiac biology, she has made significant contributions to understanding cardiac disease and regeneration. Dr. Ge has published over 140 papers with many in high impact journals and has been awarded three NIH R01 grants and a high-end instrument grant.  She has received a number of awards including the ASMS Biemann Medal (2020). 

Dr. Ge has served as a Treasurer on the ASMS Board (2016-2018). She has organized ASMS Fall Workshop on Top-down Proteomics (2017) and chaired sessions at ASMS conferences. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Consortium of Top-down Proteomics. Dr. Ge has successfully organized many national and international conferences. Moreover, she has served as a reviewer for NIH, AHA, NSF, NASA, and international grant agencies. Dr. Ge is passionate about education and enjoys mentoring students from chemistry, biology and medicine.



Joseph A. Loo

University of California, Los Angeles

Candidate Statement
I love ASMS – it is my most important scientific society; I have attended every annual ASMS conference since 1984. It has been my honor to serve ASMS for the past several decades, as I believe ASMS has a tremendous impact on its membership and the field of mass spectrometry. With my experience working in a government lab, in industry, and in academia, I hope to continue serving and growing ASMS for the benefit of all members of the society. Let’s have some fun!

Joseph A. Loo earned his degree in B.S. in Chemistry (Clarkson Univ., 1982); Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (Cornell Univ., Prof. Fred McLafferty; 1988); Postdoctoral Fellow (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, PNNL, Dr. Richard Smith; 1988-90). Dr. Loo was a Senior Scientist at PNNL (1990-92) before joining Parke-Davis Pharm./Pfizer, eventually becoming an Associate Res. Fellow and MS Group Leader. In 2001, he moved to the Univ. California, Los Angeles to become a Professor in the Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry and the David Geffen School of Medicine. He is a member of the UCLA Molecular Biology Institute and the UCLA/DOE Institute for Genomics and Proteomics.

Dr. Loo’s research has focused on applying MS for the characterization of proteins and post-translational modifications, disease biomarkers, and proteomics. His group has been involved in developing top-down MS and native MS for nearly 30-years, including the application of native top-down MS to characterize protein ligand/inhibitor binding and for structural biology. His work has resulted in over 335 publications, book chapters, and 1 patent. He teaches undergraduate chemical instrumentation and graduate-level proteomics and MS. He has participated in summer SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) and Historically Black Colleges and University programs at UCLA. He received the 2021 Eastern Analytical Symposium Award for Outstanding Achievements in Mass Spectrometry.

An ASMS member since 1984, Dr. Loo has organized/chaired evening workshops (5 times since 2005) and oral sessions at the annual ASMS Conference (6 times since 1996), and has co-organized the Fall Workshop (2008) and Asilomar Conference (2003, 2015, 2021). He served on ASMS’ Publication (1998-2000), Program Review (2012-13), Nominating (2013-14), Undergraduate Student Travel (2015-17), and Emerging Talent Webinar committees (2020), and he served on the Board of Directors (Member-at-Large, 2000-02). He participates in reviews for NIH, NSF, and DOE, including 43 NIH ad hoc committees since 2000 and an NIH Study Section (2000-04). Dr. Loo is a member of the ACS, AAAS, and HUPO, and has been a member of the US HUPO Board of Directors since 2009. He served on several journal Editorial Boards, including JASMS. He was a JASMS Associate Editor (2007-15) before becoming Editor-in-Chief (2016-June 2021).