Health Care Provider (HCP)-Patient Contact Disclosure

Health Care Provider (HCP), Medical Research with Patient Contact Disclosure

New for 2023! The following question is added to our conference registration form:

Is the registrant a health care provider (HCP) or does the registrant have patient contact via medical research?

Why are we asking this question?

We are asking health care providers (HCP) or those involved with medical research involving patient contact to disclose in the conference registration (online or printable form). While this affects a relatively small number of attendees, it will be useful to our corporate members. 

ASMS Corporate Member companies and exhibitors may have a need to know if an ASMS conference attendee is an HCP or has patient contact via their medical research in order to comply with legal requirements and/or company ethics policies based on current regulations. To assist in this process ASMS is now asking all attendees to declare if they are an HCP or if their research involves patient contact. If an attendee answers YES to this question a sunshine symbol will print on their name badge so that ASMS Corporate member companies and exhibitors may easily identify the attendee and conduct interactions appropriately as defined by their internal company policies.