Featured Speakers in Philadelphia

The following five speakers will present plenary, tutorial, or special keynote lectures in Philadelphia. They appear below in alphabetical order by last name. The full Conference Program will be published the week of May 24, 2021.

Abraham Badu-Tawiah  |  Applications of Mass Spectrometry for Clinical Diagnostics: The Influence of Turnaround Time

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry,The Ohio State University

Tutorial Lectures Session: Sunday, October 31, 5:45-6:15 pm 


Shelley L. Berger  |  Epigenetic Pathways as Targets in Human Health and Disease

Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Opening Plenary Lecture: Sunday, October 31, 6:45-7:45 pm 


Asia Eaton  |  Race and Gender Discrimination in STEM: Intersecting Oppressions with Multifaceted Solutions

Associate Professor, Psychology, Florida International University

Special Keynote Lecture: Sunday, October 31, 5:00-5:45 pm

C Moss-Rascusin Photo

William T. Freeman  |  Computer Vision and the Neural Network Revolution 

Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Closing Plenary Lecture: Thursday, November 4, 4:45-5:30 pm

S Brusatte Skye May 2017 8

Jessica Prenni  | Annotation of Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Data

Professor, Agricultural Sciences, Colorado State University

Tutorial Lectures Session: Sunday, October 31, 6:15-6:45 pm

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