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About Vice-President for Arrangements

The Vice-President for Arrangements serves a two-year term. Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Shall be the third in line of command;
  2. Shall preside in the event that both the President and Vice President for Programs are absent at any meeting;
  3. Reviews annual conference sites for development of the contract requirements. This includes identifying the facilities for the poster and oral programs, exhibits, hotels, corporate member activities, closing event and other social events. Forwards completed contracts to the President and President-designee for signature and execution of the contracts;
  4. Identifies potential annual conference sites at least five years ahead for consideration of the Board of Directors;
  5. Visits the site for the upcoming annual conference approximately 10-11 months in advance to determine the use of facilities and the logistics for move-in and move-out, the layout of the poster-exhibit hall, the location and layout of corporate hospitality suites, the location of a closing event (if any), as well as other social events, and review of the hotel room blocks;
  6. Reviews the conference exhibitor prospectus and exhibitor terms and conditions;
  7. Chairs the Corporate Members Liaison Committee;
  8. Coordinates meetings and proceedings of the ad hoc Research Awards/PUI Research Award committee.

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Candidates for Vice-President for Arrangements

Batoon, Patrick M..

Patrick M. Batoon

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Candidate Statement
Having been involved in the mass spectrometry space since 2011, ASMS is the professional organization that has actively supported my professional development throughout my early career. What stuck out to me most was the extensive effort to support undergraduate, graduate, and early-career members with a variety of valuable benefits through stipends, workshops, and presentation opportunities. After years of membership and attendance to the conferences and user meetings, I aim to give back to the community to help support the next batch of scientific professionals. 

Patrick M. Batoon, B.S Biochemistry (University of the Pacific), Ph.D. in Bioanalytical and Physical Chemistry (University of the Pacific with Professors Jianhua Ren and Prof. O. David Sparkman), and postdoctoral researcher at Agilent Technologies Inc. Dr. Batoon is the full scope product manager for Agilent’s “triple quadrupole LC/MS systems” product line.

As a product manager at Agilent Technologies, Patrick sits at the interface between business and science, playing a large role in the design, development, and go-to-market activities for the LC/MS quadrupole product line. Prior to his role as product manager, Patrick was an R&D chemist – applying his understanding of mass spectrometry fundamentals and ion chemistry for the development of products he now represents.

Patrick is actively part of the “Agilent After-School” outreach organization for children and often participates in “young professional” events (at local Universities and at ASMS conferences) to give his experience on how to navigate an early career in scientific/mass spectrometry industry. Prior to that, he was president of his Graduate Student Association with the intention to build a culture of openness and camaraderie between the graduate student organization.

McBee, Joshua K

Joshua K. McBee

MOBILion Systems

Candidate Statement
ASMS is such an important organization to me, both personally and professionally, and each conference provides an opportunity to not only see old friends and colleagues but new faces eager to learn about the latest technology in mass spectrometry. While ASMS has seen immense and exciting growth year after year, it has remained an inclusive community and always welcoming. I am very honored to be nominated for this Board position and for the opportunity to help guide this growth. My goal, if elected, is to increase inclusivity through the trusted experience of those who have served before me, as well as providing new perspectives for future generations of ASMS.

Joshua K. McBee, B.A in Chemistry (Western Washington University); M.S. in Physical Chemistry (Western Washington University); Ph.D. in BioOrganic Chemistry (University of Washington in the lab of Dr Krzysztof Palczewski); Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Washington with Dr. Richard Morrison in the Department of Neurosurgery); Postdoctoral Fellow (Institute for Systems Biology in the lab of Dr. Ruedi Aebersold). Dr. McBee began his post-academic career at Agilent Technologies before transitioning into his current position as a Senior R&D Chemist at MOBILion Systems in Chadds Ford, PA.

Dr. McBee is currently involved in commercializing SLIM technology (Structures for Lossless Ion Manipulation) for high resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry. His research interest involves de-risking new technologies and increasing the user experience across a wide array of applications. Dr. McBee has 11 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters.

Dr. McBee began his affiliation with ASMS in 2005 and has attended ASMS presenting posters during his academic and professional career with Agilent Technologies and MOBILion Systems. He previously has been the secretary for the Pacific Northwest Mass Spectrometry Users Group (PACMASS) and a member of Biophysical Society.