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About Vice-President for Arrangements

The Vice-President for Arrangements serves a two-year term. Their duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Shall be the third in line of command;
  2. Shall preside in the event that both the President and Vice President for Programs are absent at any meeting;
  3. Reviews annual conference sites for development of the contract requirements. This includes identifying the facilities for the poster and oral programs, exhibits, hotels, corporate member activities, closing event and other social events. Forwards completed contracts to the President and President-designee for signature and execution of the contracts;
  4. Identifies potential annual conference sites at least five years ahead for consideration of the Board of Directors;
  5. Visits the site for the upcoming annual conference approximately 10-11 months in advance to determine the use of facilities and the logistics for move-in and move-out, the layout of the poster-exhibit hall, the location and layout of corporate hospitality suites, the location of a closing event (if any), as well as other social events, and review of the hotel room blocks;
  6. Reviews the conference exhibitor prospectus and exhibitor terms and conditions;
  7. Chairs the Corporate Members Liaison Committee;
  8. Coordinates meetings and proceedings of the ad hoc Research Awards/PUI Research Award committee.

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Candidates for Vice-President for Arrangements


Michael L. Easterling

Bruker Daltonics

Candidate Statement
Since attending my first ASMS meeting in 1994, I’ve been impressed and captivated by the strong sense of community, support, and collegial dedication to scientific excellence by the society membership.  I am seeking to offer my service to return a small portion of what our society has provided me over the years.  As with other ASMS service functions I have been involved in, I believe my enthusiasm and unique perspectives will allow me to provide a positive impact in my role providing informed leadership in future planning for our organization.

Michael L. Easterling earned a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of South Alabama and completed his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry under the direction of I. Jonathan Amster at the University of Georgia. After several years working with Bob McIver at IonSpec Corp. in Southern California, Dr. Easterling moved to Bruker Daltonics in Billerica Massachusetts as an Applications Manager and is currently overseeing the Imaging/MRMS business.

Given the nature of his interface to the scientific community, Dr, Easterling has had the privilege to work, create, and interact with many motivated and talented members within the highly diverse community of mass spectrometry.  While the list of applications covered is extensive, his primary research interests have involved application of high-performance mass spectrometry, specifically FT-ICR, to complex mixtures for applications in academic, pharmaceutical, and clinical environments.  Examples of this work produced publications in study areas such as top down proteomics, inorganic macromolecules, gas-phase ion chemistry, instrument development, tissue imaging, and others.  Over 100 posters and oral presentations, publications and book chapters resulted from these interactions and collaborations.  Dr. Easterling has just completed a three-year appointment to the national High Magnetic Field Laboratory users committee.

Since the late 1990’s, Dr. Easterling has been involved in several capacities for service to ASMS.  In addition to serving on several committees by appointment, he has been involved in teaching capacities for several short course programs including a mass spectrometry fundamentals course designed to teach basics to new and interested members. 


Carla Marshall-Waggett


Candidate Statement
Carla Marshall-Waggett is a marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in the medical device, educational, and life sciences communities. Specializing in communications, customer relations, and event organization, she focuses on helping clients find solutions through outreach and community-building as foundations for success.

Carla Marshall-Waggett earned her degree in Film & Communications from Penn State in 1984, focused on writing and directing. In 1988, she jumped at an opportunity to join Bio-Rad’s Ophthalmic Division, beginning her career in the sciences and quickly discovering marketing as a passion. In 1989, she left Bio-Rad to help start-up the joint-venture, Tomey USA. On the forefront of the refractive surgery wave with their corneal topography system, Tomey Japan bought out the U.S. arm of the company in 1998. Ms. Marshall-Waggett then joined WGBH Educational Foundation as a Senior Web Developer. There she launched companion websites for programs including This Old House, and supporting NOVA, Antiques Roadshow and others. In 2002, she joined New Objective as Director of Business Development. While there, Ms. Marshall-Waggett was introduced to the mass spec community, working to build customer service, technical support, an international distributor network, as well as event planning. With expanded responsibilities for marketing, graphic design, branding, and sales and more, she moved into the Director of Marketing and Communications position, with a growing role in support of CPSA, globally. With the pandemic taking a very hard toll on business, particularly small business, Ms. Marshall-Waggett left New Objective to focus on working with companies struggling to make connections in this current dynamic.

Ms. Marshall-Waggett has been a member of ASMS for 17 years, serving twice as an ASMS Corporate Liaison representing small and medium business. Understanding the importance of the ASMS annual conference, especially to small businesses, working together with the amazing team at ASMS, she hopes to continue the legacy of the past adapted to the “new normal.”

Living in Massachusetts, Ms. Marshall-Waggett is inspired and supported by Becky, her wife of 15 years. She is an avid movie buff who enjoys photography, traveling in their RV, fundraising, quilting, and learning new programming languages and technology.