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For presenters of posters or orals, please consult Presenter Guidelines.


Regarding Submitted Abstracts for ASMS 2022

Notifications for submitted abstracts were sent on March 7 (10am-12pm Mountain-US) via email from

All presentations will be in-person only (orals, posters, and workshops).

IF YOU NEED TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR ACCEPTED ABSTRACT such as withdrawal of abstract or presenting author change, adding co-authors, etc. Please send email with details (abstract ID and change requested) ASAP to If new co-author will be added the following must be included for author to add (name, affiliation, city/state/country, and email).

Deadline to request changes is April 1. If you need to make a change after April 1, we will accommodate your request to the best of our ability.



This page contains the following information:

  • Criteria for abstract acceptance
  • Review process and timeline for notification and public access of accepted abstracts.
  • Additional guidance for answering 'presenting author will be in-person' question
  • Word limits and instructions for online submission
  • How-to edit your submitted abstract instructions (available only through Feb 4 deadline).
  • Why do I receive Server Error message? How to troubleshoot.

Review and Notification Process for Abstracts

The review process for all abstracts will begin promptly on February 5. Late submissions are not possible.

Following review we plan to send notifications in mid-March. Sender for abstract notifications is This is the same sender for all other ASMS transactions (membership dues receipt, registration receipt, abstract submission receipt.) If you have not already done so, please add to safe-sender list in your email program/software.

Why Do I receive Server Error message?

  1. Top reason is because there are TWO authors with green checkbox for presenting author. There should be only ONE presenting author. Return to the Authors step/screen and uncheck a box if needed. If you found there were two presenting authors, unchecking one should allow you to Submit. If not, proceed to the next reason for server error below.
  2. Another common server error relates to special characters or symbols being copy & pasted into a field. These could be symbols (usual culprit) or even sub- / super-script. If you receive this error message go to step 1 of your abstract and use the Special Character tool and sub-/super-script in the built-in Editor. See image below. We have found that replacing special characters/symbols using the Insert Special Character tool fixes the problem!

Editor Tools





How-To Edit Your Submitted Abstract Until the February 4 Deadline

You can edit your abstract at any time up to the extended submission deadline of 11:59 pm PST, February 4, 2022. Edits can include changes of any kind as well as the deletion (withdrawal) of your abstract.

  1. Return to online abstract submission 
  2. Select the conference and then click 'View my drafts and submission'.
  3. Select the abstract to edit and proceed through all pages making the edits you desire (using Next button at bottom of each page).
  4. On the final page (Review & Submit) confirm that all of your edits are reflected.
  5. Click the 'RESUBMIT' button. This will save your edits and send you plus all co-authors a new abstract submission receipt which displays your complete abstract (inclusive of any edits made.) Note that your abstract submission ID number will remain the same for re-submitted abstract.

Criteria for Abstract Acceptance

The ASMS Program Committee will meet to review abstracts. Abstracts must meet the following criteria: 
  1. The results presented in each abstract should add something new to our base of knowledge in mass spectrometry. The novel aspect of your work is an important consideration during abstract review.
  2. The abstract should include sufficient results to properly represent the experiments that will be presented.
  3. There must be a fundamental difference between each of the abstracts submitted from a research group. The same results may not appear in multiple presentations.
  4. Each attendee can be the presenting author on only one abstract (although an individual may be listed as a co-author on multiple abstracts).
  5. Abstracts with substantial commercial content will not be accepted.
  6. Failure to disclose information, such as the ID of compounds, is not acceptable.

Additional Guidance for Answering 'Presenting Author will be in-person at conference?' in Abstract Submission

For presenters who are unsure of how to answer the question ‘presenting author will be in-person in at conference? yes/no’, we encourage you to be optimistic if you would like to attend and believe this is a reasonable possibility for the presenting author.

If a presenting author for an in-person oral or in-person poster discovers that they are not able to travel  to present in-person in Minneapolis, a co-author on the abstract can present instead. If this is not possible, withdrawal of the abstract can be requested.

If you are scheduled to make an oral or poster presentation but then discover that you cannot attend the conference in person, contact us ASAP to change the presenting co-author or to withdraw the abstract.

Word Limits and Instructions for Online Abstract Submission

Before entering your abstract, assemble the following:
  • Title – Limit 20 words
  • Introduction – Limit 120 words
  • Methods – Limit 120 words
  • Preliminary data – Limit 300 words
  • Novel aspect – Limit 20 words
  • All of the co-author names, affiliations (institute/company) and their email address. IMPORTANT: Help recognize your co-authors correctly by carefully entering their name as it commonly appears on their publications.
  • Session selection - If you wish to be considered for an Oral you will be prompted for a 1st and 2nd choice. There is no oral-only option, you must be willing to present a poster if you opt for oral consideration. For poster-only, simply skip the oral session preferences.
Click "Next" at the end of each page to proceed through the entry process. Your abstract will not be submitted until you click "Submit Abstract" at the end. You and your co-authors will receive an email receipt to confirm your submission. Abstract entry sessions will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity. If you leave your computer and come back to it after the auto-timeout you will need to log back in.